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These are but a few examples of the incredibly kind words Gail Solo’s clients have showered upon her in appreciation for her service to their causes.

  • "When I realized that I was in need of an attorney, I prayed that God would lead me to a good attorney. But I think God likes me a lot because he led me to the BEST attorney in the world! I thank you so, so much for your unfailing belief in me. You are dedicated to bringing justice in this world. Your commitment to help and fight for fairness is unlike anyone whom I have ever seen before. Your insightful understanding of the helplessness of the damaged worker versus the manipulative nature of the corporate world is what makes you the best in your field. I could not have gotten through this terrible ordeal if it were not for you, your powerful voice, your keen intelligence, and your caring heart. It's what you do as an attorney that is amazing, but you carry this through in your daily life as you exert your precious time to help those less fortunate. You are an amazing angel and I am forever grateful to have met you. We will stay in touch!
    Nardina O.

  • "Gail, the journey that we have been on together is one I will never forget. You are truly David . You went to battle for me against the big Goliath...a long and hard battle...and you conquered, just as David did. You rock! "
          Cathy D.

  • "Gail, WOW! We sure fought the good fight.  You have been so amazing in your efforts and very hard work.  You never gave up on me, even in our lowest moments with those creeps.  You always made me laugh with your quick wit and charm.  It was an absolute pleasure working with you.  Boy, you know your stuff!"
          Tracy R.

  • "You are and will always be, my heroine, and I am proud and honored to call you my friend.  Thank you for your never-ending faith and support in me, and your tireless efforts to help make sure the right thing is done.  I know that we will stay in touch long term too – I will never forget you.  Thank you for everything, a million times!"
    Bonnie S.

  • "Gail is a true power source and extremely dedicated. 

    Gail cuts to the chase early on, kept me informed 100% at ALL times, advised me as to the best solution and how to get there. She was by my side with every move. I gave her my trust and the respect that she needed to get the job done in a timely manner and she performed beyond my expectations - a few rocks were thrown our way, but she dodged them with diligence and forged on. Gail is extremely organized and put her personal touch on everything that left her office to opposing counsel. She is goal oriented, stern when necessary, extremely kind with a caring compassion. Gail believes that if you are truthful with her, she will truly fight for you to the end. My result was a GREAT one. I would definitely recommend her as an amazing Labor & Employment Lawyer."
         Jeanette V.

  • "Gail, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that you were my attorney, friend and rock!  You are truly a gifted and amazing attorney.  You stood by me, defended me and believed in my case even when lies were said about me.  I’m so happy there are moral and just lawyers out there helping the “little guys” against corporations that have done them wrong.  I will be forever grateful and will always remember your lesson to never give up hope!!"
          Alison B.

  • "When I first met with Gail Solo, I was not even earning any unemployment, as [my employer] was contesting my right to receive unemployment benefits.  Gail Solo gave me the peace of mind to know that as long as I was always scrupulously honest with her, and lived up to my obligations to help her to help me, she would give me her very best efforts, even though I had no money to pay her. . . .

    No one could possibly ask for more from their counsel than Ms. Solo gave me.  She has given her total devotion to a fair and just resolution to my case, even when things seemed so hopeless, and no offer was made to me as trial began, other than to drop my case so I would not risk my little home in San Pedro if I lost the case. Ms. Solo’s hours have been exhaustive and exhausting. . . .  It has been an honor knowing Ms. Solo as a person and a professional.  Undertaking over a year’s effort in this requires so much more than just mere fact finding and research. It takes an iron will, a strong heart and a thick skin. . . .  In my 51 years, I have never had the need or desire to undertake a legal matter such as this, but as circumstances would have it, it was necessary.  I thank God that he brought Ms. Solo to my rescue and that she has stood by my side throughout, unrelenting and dedicated to doing the right thing. "
    Teresa G.

  • "Dear Gail, I guess I have been in shock since Teresa told me about the (multi-million dollar) verdict on Monday because I just now realized that I hadn’t taken the time to thank you for everything you have done and are doing for Teresa.  You are absolutely amazing!  You never stopped believing in her and her cause and you worked timelessly to see that justice prevailed, even when the odds were definitely not in your favor.  She is so relieved to have her name cleared and it is wonderful to see her feeling hopeful again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in and fighting for my dear sister!"
         Kathy D.

  • "Gail, you are amazing!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work and dedication to my case.  I know you typically take cases much bigger than mine, but you have always treated me like a million-dollar client!"
        Elena C.

  • "I want to take just a few minutes to express how thankful and grateful I am to you for spending all the many hours of your valuable time in standing up for and representing (my wife) Hiroko throughout what was certainly the most difficult time of her life.  The work you do to give voice to the powerless - in speaking out in their defense - is so very important and so greatly appreciated by both of us. Anyone can see (since the settlement) how a weight has been lifted of her shoulders. . .  Thank you, Gail for getting us started in piecing our lives together again."
          Ted S.

  • "Gail, THANK YOU for your professionalism, guidance, motivation and hard work in my quest for justice.  I always felt you CARED about me and I NEVER felt I was just another case!  Did I tell you 'You’re the BEST!'”
         Jorge M.

  • "Dear Gail, You have an unbelievable gift for putting our feelings into words and for putting the reality of this entire nightmare into words. We really cannot thank you enough for all you have done -- and have been doing for (our deaf son,) Michael. (Because of your achieving his reinstatement) it is the beginning of the return of his self-worth. We know this would never have happened if you had not been there for him, with all of your expertise and your caring. We are so grateful to you."
         Gail F

  • ."Mazel tov!!! You have proven that David did beat Goliath."
         Terry F

  • "You spent so much time on my case, gave me so many pep talks, looked for every which way you could for things to go in my favor, and all this while you were not only handling other cases but going through pain and loss in your own life. I will really never be able to put into words how thankful I am that you were in my corner, and how very much I appreciate all you have done."
         Vicki A.

  • "The words Thank You will never be enough. The day Gail came into my life was a true blessing. The hard work she did for me was amazing. I will always have a place in my heart for you, Gail. In the end you gave me back my life. You are my hero."
         Lesley P.

  • "It was truly a pleasure working with you!! You are kind and professional and I have grown to have so much respect and admiration for you!"
         Julie W.

  • "Thank you again for your help and support.  I’ve learned so much from you, having gone through this process, and I could not have made it without your support."
         Mitzi C.

  • "Gail, you are the only perfect leader for having led us through a dark tunnel into bright world again.  We could not thank you enough of what you have done again for all of us.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, we will not have our celebration without your presence, you are our star!"
         Yashi H.

  • "I will never forget what you have done for me.  You are always in my prayers.  God bless you!"
    Rina A.

  • "(Since our settlement you achieved), Destiny is a beautiful place . . . . thanks to you."
        Sandra M.

  • " May the Lord almighty bless and reward you for all your good deeds toward mankind."
    Patricia E.

  • "Thank you for all your help.  You re such a blessing.  May your light continue to shine on the people who need it most."
    Ria J.

  • "Gail, I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.  Also, FYI, you are truly an inspiration of a brilliant articulate woman!  I definitely want to go back and finish school in hopes I might someday be more like you!"  
        Amanda S.

  • "I will never forget you, Gail.   You have touched my heart and my life forever!   You are an example of God’s love.  I see that you serve the purpose which you were created for with joy.  I thank God for your birth because you alone have helped so many.  I’m so glad that I listened when God said, 'Choose Gail Solo' from the other lawyers I spoke with, otherwise I would have missed out on my blessing which has been “Gail Solo.”
    Itritia L.

  • "Thank you for your amazing legal accomplishment. . . we brought to light an evil and wrongdoing that through this endeavor will promote positive change. . .  I want to thank you for your insight and your participation as a living mirror which showed my reflection in all its flaws and your regard to offer suggestions for personal growth. You will forever be an icon or pillar in the foundation of my life upon which a new edifice is built.  We cannot express how God, through you, has graciously laid the foundation for a future of hope."
    David and Morgen S.

  • "Gail, I have told you time and time again that you are the absolute best! I thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Your perseverance and determination will definitely never be forgotten. "           
        Bobbie P.

  • Acknowledgment of Gail D. Solo contained within California Civil Jury Instruction Companion Handbook, 2013-2014, by Elizabeth A. Baron, Associate Justice California Court of Appeal (Ret.), Thomson Reuters

  • “There is someone else who I want to thank and that is Gail D. Solo, Esq. I was Gail’s law clerk when I was in law school (although she is many years my junior) and years later we became law partners. Gail has contributed to my books by alerting me to significant employment cases and introducing me to her group of dedicated employment attorneys. My respect for this gracious, kind, generous lady knows no bounds. She has raised two incredibly accomplished daughters; she gives her heart and soul to her clients, to her friends, and to the underprivileged; she works tirelessly to end genocide through the auspices of Jewish World Watch. Gail, you are everything I admire in a woman, a mother, a friend, and in an attorney. Thank you, for all you have been to me over the past 37 years.”"           

  • "I express my deepest gratitude for what you’ve done for my dear friend, Rina.  Heaven no doubt has a special place reserved for Gail Dianne Solo."
       Al C.

  • "May I express to you my deepest of appreciation for the excellent way in which you recently handled my case.  You handled it with speed, confidence, knowledge, and dignity.  I feel only Jesus could have wrought that kind of speedy miracle."
    Elvin M.

  • "Gail,
    Words cannot express the immense gratitude we feel for everything that you have done for our sister. You came into her life when she was jobless, pregnant and desperately worried about her future. You gave her 'Strength' to forge ahead, and your words of encouragement and hope made it possible for her to cope each day. You fought tirelessly day after day to restore her rights, you never gave up on her. You certainly delivered. You are a remarkable woman. Gail, I truly believe that you positively affect every life you encounter. I speak for our entire family, when I say 'Thank You,' and 'God Bless You' for giving my sister her Voice and Dignity back! You changed her life. Now, she has peace of mind and she can look forward to the future with her new baby. We will never forget you, Gail."    

        Isaura R.

  • "Dear Gail,
    Over the last several months I have had the exceptional opportunity to do some real soul
    searching and I am discovering the most valuable aspects of my life. Without your assistance [since my settlement] I don't know that this would have been possible. I thank you for all you have done for me without me having anything to offer in return. In all my future endeavors, know that I realize that there is one person I will never lose sight of as the one person who believed in me and fought for my rights. That person is you. I have many upstanding words that parallel with Gail Solo, but the one that remains at the top of the list always is 'AMAZING' ... Stay just the way you are ... because that is what you are, amazing! May God continue to bless you ...
       Debra S.

  • "Thank you, Gail for all that you have done for me. You have changed my life! I will never forget you!! And just like this azalea tree [which I am giving you], our friendship has blossomed.
       Gracielda V.

  • Thank you for being on my side, for holding my hand in a time of turmoil, but mostly, for achieving all of my goals. Words cannot describe all of my gratitude. YasherKo'ach! (May you always be strong!)
       Naama A..

  • "I couldn't have picked a better lawyer/advocate than you. I hope I don't need you again -- at least until I'm negotiating my big new juicy job contract and then you'll be my first call. I'm feeling better and stronger and more excited about the future every day. Thanks for being a part of my turnaround."
       Janet W.

  • "Gail -- I really don't know how to thank you for what you did, this means so much for me and my family ... thank you so much for your expertise and for your humanity. I am so very blessed to have met you.
       Irina K.

  • "Dear Gail:
    Thank you for fighting for my Dignity and Honor, most of all, thank you for believing in what they did to me. It is true what you said: now is time to put it behind and turn the next page in this life's diary. It only takes few seconds to know that a person will make a life lasting impression: definitely GAIL SOLO, you are one of them."

      Gracias, Josue G..

  • "Solomente

    People come and people go
    Yet attorneys seem to endeavor
    Always there in times of need
    With advice that lasts forever

  • Oh sure, as in every walk of life
    There are those whose values are low
    But then there is Solo to balance the scale
    While teaching others to grow

    She doesn’t sit back waiting
    Waiting is for the birds
    Gail attacks a case with a vengeance
    Actions speak louder than words

    And in a predominantly male environment
    Where there is no time to be frail
    She has shown the meaning of moxy
    The buck always stops with Gail

    An attorney's attorney is she
    Whose wisdom is complemented by tact
    And still the heart of a caring soul
    Flattery? No, just fact.

    If given the choice of representation
    When traveling another rough bend
    Gail Solo will be numero uno
    Attorney, as well as friend"

         With deep gratitude, Tom and Theresa M.

    "Gail has provided me with excellent legal representation in 2013, 2012, and 1987. I am confident in Gail's legal expertise, her strategic approach and that she has a genuine interest in helping me. I am an engineer and have been satisfied that Gail looks at my case from every legal aspect. I have been 100% satisfied with Gail's legal results on my behalf. I know that I can count on Gail as my advocate. She is honest, trustworthy, ethical and interested in helping people. First, Gail helped me in 2013 when I was terminated from one of the big aerospace companies after 29 years of service. She asked direct questions that were necessary and for my benefit. Gail helped to reach the best solution for me and I was able to make decisions with calm and confidence. I was very pleased on the closure of this case. Second, Gail provided me with legal consult in 2012. I was working under daily stress and fear of assault by a co-worker. My management and HR were not responding to provide a safe workplace. Gail's help resulted in my employer finally taking action and my ability to be highly productive and financially secure. Third, in 1987, Gail represented my personal injury case. I received a successful resolution of the case."
         Sandra O..

    "Words can't express how thankful I am that you came into my life and spearheaded getting that bad s--t out of my life! You truly were my light at a dark time for me."
         Maritza G.

  • "Gail is an exceptional employment attorney with scrupulous integrity. She is the most responsive attorney that I have every dealt with, and I too am a lawyer; and she is always happy to answer and follow up on any questions you may have. Gail is smart, effective, and has a special talent for distilling amatter down to the salient facts. It was a true pleasure working with Gail, and I highly recommend her."
        Lisa L.

  • "A simple thank you does not seem adequate to express my feelings for what you did for my sister. Before you took her case, I was so concerned for my sister's well being. It wasn't just a monetary matter, I think she also needed vindication for what she endured at the work place. You handled her case with fortitude and a firmness of purpose. Yes, you are definitely a mensch. My sister is in a much better place and it is because of your dedication. Shalom."
        Rosemary R.

  • "Gail, I know how blessed I am to have you represent me. Even though I no longer practice law, I have seen lawyers of all manner of work ethic over the years. Very, very thankful to have a warrior on my side. I do believe someone upstairs is looking after me and sent me your way."
       Rudy G.